Monday, July 31, 2006

Terrytoons - Pretzels

Every month, I'll be posting a complete rare cartoon. Not the well-known shorts you see on television and DVDs, but some of the rarest theatrical cartoons around. Like my previous video, this one will only be available for two weeks.
This month's cartoon is the second Terrytoon that was made (in 1930): Pretzels. Largely animated by Frank Moser, this was one of the "boy meets girl, boy loses girl to villian, boy battles against villian, boy wins, boy gets girl back again" cartoons that were so typical of the early Terrytoons.
Here, I am proud to present a complete print. However, this is a French edition with German subtiles (it was shown on the German channel Arte). This print featured two scenes that were absent on the 1950's US television prints: the opening scene with Phil Scheib and his orchestra in silhouette; and another where the two mice, in the beer garden, orders for "two hot milks".

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