Sunday, September 17, 2006

An Apology

To anyone who has recently visited my blog only to find that I haven't posted for well over a month, I'm sorry. During that time, I've moved to a different city, and I just set up a new internet connection a few days ago. But the good news is that I've settled in my new place very well, and I've finally got some time to start posting again!
But the time-off has given me a chance to think about changing aspects of my blog. Not only have I decided to give it a new look, but I decided to change the name too (IMHO "Classic Toons & UK TV" was too bland a title). But I bet you guys are wondering why I came up with the strange new title "Mice Laugh Softly Charlotte"? To answer your question, it is taken from an hilarious sketch from the pre-Monty Python shetch show "At Last The 1948 Show". "Mice Laugh Softly Charlotte" is a badly-staged thriller with some Ed Wood-style acting and naff, cliche-ridden dialogue. Below are some images taken from this near-forgotten gem.
Watch out for a review of the "1948" DVD very soon, along with its sister show "Do Not Adjust Your Set".