Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mighty Mouse Playhouse

Here is the first of (hopefully) several video clips that will feature on my blog.
This one contains the rare opening titles and break bumpers from the 1950's Terrytoons series Mighty Mouse Playhouse - in colour! These were taken from a couple of British 1980's Mighty Mouse tapes released by Channel 5 (not to be confused with the UK TV channel). It's a shame these tapes don't contain the closing titles (which I have in B&W, but are not included in this clip).

PLEASE NOTE: Clips featured on this blog will be online for a limited time only. They will be available for two weeks before I permanently delete them (if it happens before the two weeks are up, it's likely that Dailymotion has deleted them themselves).

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Anonymous said...

Want to see a stop-motion video about a couple of (rubber) mice in search of food in their new place? I made this video recently. Please check it out and comment. Thanks.

Blemish and Pittance: The New Place