Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Lost Columbia Cartoons - Kickapoo Juice

Hi gang! At long last, I'm able to start posting the remaining "lost" cartoons.

Kickapoo Juice (which currently exists in the Columbia archives as a B&W print) was the fifth and last Li'l Abner cartoon to be released (in 1944). Producer Dave Fleischer bought the animation rights to this famous cartoon strip, hoping to turn this character into a movie success in a similar way as Popeye was. However, this was not to be.

I've seen all five cartoons, but can't really comment on how bad (or indeed, how good) these adaptations were, as I've never read the strips. What I can say is that these cartoons, although not truly awful, are not particularly memorable or funny.

Nevertheless, I'm proud to present this cartoon complete and uncut, and is available to view on this blog for 1 month. Enjoy!

Kickapoo Juice
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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A New Year, And A New Look!

Hi, guys! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

And I decided that this is the perfect time to relaunch my blog, not only with a new template, but also with a brand new (and dangerously-titled) name. The inspiration for this comes from the title of a series of cartoon strips I drew for my University magazine, before the new millenium (an example can be seen by clicking on the image below):

Throughout January, I will be finishing off my series of posts about the "lost" Columbia cartoons. The remaining cartoons to be posted here include:

Major Google
Hollywood Sweepstakes
Dreams on Ice
The Herring Murder Mystery
Kickapoo Juice
Kitty Caddy.

And starting this February, I will be making a series of posts regarding the worst-looking redrawn cartoons ever: The Radio & Television Packagers cartoons. These will include specially-selected video clips, with (where possible) the originals. Just to whet your apppetite (or to warn you), here are some hilarious-looking frames taking from the beginning of the redrawn version of Felix Misses His Swiss:

I didn't know Felix had a weak bladder!

Also, I've decided to change the links section to include only those that contains info about the classic cartoons. But if you have a blog (which can be almost-anything) and is interested in becoming one of my "blogger buddies" (where we promote each other's blogs), let me know in the comments section. Cheers!