Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Lost Columbia Cartoons - Kickapoo Juice

Hi gang! At long last, I'm able to start posting the remaining "lost" cartoons.

Kickapoo Juice (which currently exists in the Columbia archives as a B&W print) was the fifth and last Li'l Abner cartoon to be released (in 1944). Producer Dave Fleischer bought the animation rights to this famous cartoon strip, hoping to turn this character into a movie success in a similar way as Popeye was. However, this was not to be.

I've seen all five cartoons, but can't really comment on how bad (or indeed, how good) these adaptations were, as I've never read the strips. What I can say is that these cartoons, although not truly awful, are not particularly memorable or funny.

Nevertheless, I'm proud to present this cartoon complete and uncut, and is available to view on this blog for 1 month. Enjoy!

Kickapoo Juice
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