Monday, December 08, 2008

Coming Soon in 2009

This blog will largely focus on comic strips throughout the next year, but I will still throw in the occasional classic/unusual cartoon clip.
Due to other commitments, I decided to delay my new series of UK Annuals posts until January. Sorry for not posting anything on this recently, but I reckon the New Year will be the ideal time to launch it. Nevertheless, I will reveal that the first post will be dedicated to the very first Tom & Jerry annual, published in 1966.
Also, I plan to post another topic very shortly, to run alongside the Annuals: Six of the Best, a selection of comic strips from TV Comic, combining the classic American cartoon characters with the British comic strip style. Watch out for Bugs Bunny, Droopy, Road Runner, and even Deputy Dawg!
But there will be previews during the run-up to Xmas and New Year, all of which will be Yuletide-related. To kick-off with, enjoy some mistletoe fun with Tom & Jerry (from TV Comic #940, 20th December 1969). Artwork by Bill Titcombe:

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