Monday, June 16, 2008

R&TVP Redrawns - The Inventor (Felix Turns The Tide)

Today's post features another redrawn Felix short - Felix Turns The Tide, re-named by famed bootleggers Astra TV as The Inventor (in which Radio & Television Packagers used their version as the source print).

This is one of the most bizarre (and badly executed) redrawns I had the (mis)fortune to witness. Felix is redrawn ORANGE, for starters! And alas, they forgot to include Felix's closing remark.

But anyway, for you redrawns fans out there, here it is:

Normally I would post a complete original, but would you like to see the Astra TV print instead? Fortunately, Tom Stathes owns a copy, and he specially transferred and uploaded it onto his blog. Click here to read his wonderful article (and watch the vid, of course), and be sure to check out his other Astra TV posts too.

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