Saturday, May 17, 2008

R&TVP Redrawns - Cinderella (Once Upon A Time)

Today's redrawn, Cinderella, was originally a 1936 Techicolor cartoon called Once Upon A Time, produced by Audio Productions for Metropolitan Life Insurance. This cartoon features a charming original song, with music by Edwin E. Ludwig and words by Frank W. Speidell.

This R&TVP cartoon is, IMHO, one of the worst-looking redrawns I've ever seen. Have fun spotting the mistakes when comparing it to the original:

Once Upon A Time - Redrawn
Uploaded by ldglover


Marc Deckter said...

Hi Lee,

I just found your site via Tom Stathes' blog.

I like what you're doing here!

The color-versions of Felix and Farmer Alfalfa cartoons are terrifically bizarre.


Nick R. said...

I'm ready to see kiko's cleaning day in a godawful redrawn.

Chris Sobieniak said...

Like how they don't bother to copy the information on that tapestry that is in full view (being dated, and probably more tedious work for the Korean guys to fudge up).

Cathy said...

Did you know that Cinderella is also known as Cendrillon, Aschenputtel and Cenerentola. One of the best disney princesses of all time! I will definitely buy dvd for my sister!