Saturday, September 29, 2007

Arrivederci, for the time being...

Hi guys!

Most of you have notice my recent lack of posts on my blog. This was due to me working nights for the past three months, meaning that I didn't have as much time to post here as I would have liked. For this, I apologise.

Also, I'm going to move to Norwich and start my new job there, but due to the huge distance between Norwich and Plymouth (where I'm currently staying), it's going to take a month moving all of my stuff there, and I decided that my PC will be the last thing I'm taking, so I will not be online for the whole of October (I should imagine the cold turkey will be unbearable)!

But I will start posting here again in November, in which I will post more clips of the remaining "Lost Columbia Cartoons". I've also decided to focus solely on classic theatrical cartoons, with a slant towards the rare and the unusual. Talking about the latter, watch out for a new series of posts showcasing some wacky-looking redrawn cartoons!

To anyone I'm making trades with, it's alright to post them to my old address. As it is in fact my parents' address, I know that they will arrive safe and sound. If you want to post them to my new address, please wait until November when I will be able to contact you.

Please note that an automated message will be sent to you if you e-mail me, but I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Oh, I almost forgot! The video clips on my blog will still be available throughout October.

See you guys in November!


King of [Silent] Cartoons said...

We will miss you, Lee!

Craig D said...

Best of luck with the move and the job.

I hope your new digs will afford you a decent "throw" for your in-house 16mm screenings.

See you in a month or so, pal!

Duck Dodgers said...

Lee my friend,
you'll be missed.

Thanks for the terrific posts you have done so far!
Hope to hear from you soon