Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Lost Columbia Cartoons - Patch Mah Britches

Patch Mah Britches (released 19th December 1935) is the second of the four Barney Google cartoons made by Screen Gems, and was directed by Sid Marcus.

This apparantly survives in the Columbia archive as a 16mm B&W print (whether this is a sound or silent print I'm unable to find out), but during my years of trading and collecting, I can only obtain a copy of a shortened home-movie silent print. A redrawn, colourised silent version (full-length) is also available in the collectors'/traders' circuit, which I also have in my collection.

It is from this sole home-movie print that I've made available to view on my blog. Like the first short, it's not particurly funny, but due to its rarity (King Features, at the time, insisted to movie studios that all films starring their characters - with the exception of the Popeye, Blondie, and Flash Gordon films - be destroyed after ten years), it's still an essential watch. Hope you enjoy this as much as the first one:

The cartoon will be available for four weeks only.

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Craig D said...

Wow! What a goony assortment of cartoon characters!

I wonder if there was any "story" associated with this or if it was just, "Let's have a bunch of slobs wreck a fancy dinner party!"

Thanks, Lee!