Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Lost Columbia Cartoons - King Midas Jr.

Firstly, apologies for the recent lack of posts. Been a busy few weeks for yours truly.

And secondly, for this series, I decided not to make screenshots of whole cartoons, and instead I will post short video extracts of the remaining Columbia cartoons (but watch out for the occasional complete cartoon). The reason for this is because my computer just can not cope with DVD playback (I mainly get frozen pictures), which results in making the process of obtaining screenshots time-consuming, tedious, and just damn annoying! Nevertheless, I do hope that these video extracts will prove fascinating to you good folks.

Ok, I'll stop moaning about my computer now!

Today's post will be...

This cartoon, King Midas Jr., was directed by John Hubley and Paul Sommer, and was released on 18th December 1942. This apparantly no longer exists in the Columbia archive, but does survive in the collectors'/traders' circuits as a complete 16mm colour print.

The short focuses on King Midas Jr, who is given the power of touch by his infamous father. Unfortunately, a mix-up by the angels/telegram boys results in him turning everything he touches into...rubber!

This 1m 30s extract is taken from the ending where, after his futile attempt to eat a banquet without turning everything rubbery, he attempts suicide, but it's not that easy! However, there is some hope for the little king (which relates to a conservation effort during WW2)...

King Midas Jr exerpt
Uploaded by ldglover

This video will be available for the next four weeks.


Craig D said...


I haven't been around these parts much lately, either! Great clip! Some of these Screen Gems are so "otherworldly."

Have you ever seen "Mad Hatters?"

Lee Glover said...

Yep, I seen "Mad Hatters", Craig. What a strange cartoon.

Mike Matei said...

I like the subject matter of this short. Suicide. No, seriously. Todays cartoons are made for pussies. Cartoons use to have violence. Like when Donald Duck pulls out the uzi in Magician Mickey. King Midas gets my seal of approval.