Monday, April 02, 2007

The Lost Columbia Cartoons

Regular visitors of Jerry Beck's Cartoon Research website will be aware that, on the Columbia webpage, there is a list of cartoons that Columbia are missing from their archive. You can go direct to this page by clicking here.

However, there are a handful of lost cartoons that do survive (in various forms) in circulation among private collectors and traders, and yours truly has managed to obtain copies of these very rare shorts. In the next few days, I will be presenting screenshots of these lost gems, and at least of couple of these will be made available to view on video (for a limited time only, I must add).

I will make posts on the following cartoons:

Tetched In The Head
Patch Mah Britches
Spark Plug
Major Google
Hollywood Sweepstakes
Dreams On Ice
The Greyhound & The Rabbit
King Midas Jr.
He Can't Make It Stick
The Herring Murder Mystery
Kickapoo Juice
River Ribber
Mysto Fox
Kitty Caddy

There are also two cartoons making the rounds: The Novelty Shop & Ye Old Swap Shoppe. However, these were featured on Columbia's Totally Tooned In, so I do not plan on making screenshots of these as they are no longer lost in their archive (however, if you do like to see them, please let me know).

There is another lost cartoon circulating among collectors and traders: Cockatoos For Two. I do have this cartoon, but Thad Komorowski has already made an excellent post about this short on his blog. Click here (it is on the top of the page) and enjoy!

Watch out for screenshots of the surviving colour footage of He Can't Make It Stick on this blog very shortly!


David Gerstein said...

Hey there,

COCKATOOS FOR TWO exists in color at the Nederlands Filmmuseum, where I've had the pleasure of seeing it.
A nice-looking, if somewhat faded print.

Lee Glover said...

Hi David!

That's GREAT! Hope Columbia knows about this.