Thursday, March 01, 2007

Rare Columbia Cartoon Titles - Scrappy

Now presenting - the original Scrappy titles!

Like the Krazy Kats, getting a copy of a Scrappy cartoon with its original titles is very rare among the collectors' and traders' circuits, so I can only come up with four examples of original titles taken from my own collection.

The first set comes from the earliest Scrappy cartoon I have in its original condition - The Beer Parade (released 4th March 1933). Apologies for the silhouettes partly-obscuring the bottom-edge, as these shots were taken from a screening:

And, of course, the endcap:

Many of you who have read Leonard Maltin's book "Of Mice & Magic" will recognise the opening title below. This one is taken from I Want To Be An Actress (18th July 1937):

The closing title card:

Towards the end of 1939, the Scrappy (and Krazy Kat) cartoons were becoming out-of-favour with the cinema-going public (when you consider that the majority of these cartoons were directed by Allen Rose, can you really blame them?), and so were replaced by B&W one-shot series Phantasies (that title always make me thinks of "phantoms", for some reason) and Fables. But Scrappy wasn't going without a fight, and so did star in a handful of Phantasies/Fables up until his swan-song cartoon The Little Theatre in 1941. The opening title below is taken from Man of Tin (23rd February 1940), where it indicates that this Phantasy features Scrappy:

As I've mentioned before, I don't have many of these cartoons with their original titles, but I do have this particular gem: the screenshots below are taken from Scrappy's Boy Scouts (2nd January 1936), where a special set of titles were made. You can just make out silhouettes of Scrappy and his gang marching on the background (apologies if these aren't in good-enough quality):

And below is the endcap, which is initially superimposed on the animation:

The Color Rhapsody titles will follow very shortly. Stay Tooned!


Craig D said...

I'm really enjoying these screen captures! Thanks for sharing...

Lee Glover said...

No problem, Craig. More Columbia titles very soon!

I really like your blogs, BTW.

Jonathan said...


I came across a Scrappy short among my 16mm film collection. The title is "Soap Bubbles" I can not find any information regarding this cartoon. Can you help?


Jonathan said...


In the same batch I found

Donald's Exit
Busting Bubbles
Mickeys Turkey
Mickeys Marathon

All are silent Disney cartoons.
Any information would be helpful.


Lee Glover said...


I can't find "Soap Bubbles" in the Columbia fimography. Methinks it's a home-movie title. Can you provide story info, so I can work out the original title?

Anonymous said...


I didn't mention that it is a dual perf 16mm silent film. The story line from what I remember is scrappy trying to give his dog a bath in a wash tub outside. If this is not enough info, let me know and I will watch it again.

Thanks Jon

Anonymous said...

Scrappy is forgotten today because the Columbia cartoons Mr. Magoo is popular and Scrappy did not have the same appeal as Mr. Magoo.