Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Rare B&W Terrytoons Titles - Part 1

If you're a big fan of Terrytoons, chances are you have seen most of the Paul Terry-era colour cartoons with 1950's television titles, but you would have seen a fair number of Terrytoons with their original opening and closing titles intact.

But it is very rare to come across a B&W Terrytoon with its original titles. If you're fortunate enough to watch at least a few of them, you're more likely to see this 1950's opening title:

Or, you might have seen a Terrytoon with Castle Films titles, or even one with a Barker Bill title, but trying to find one with its original opening and closing titles is like trying to find an iron in a male student's house!

I do have a huge number of B&W Terrytoons in my collection (mainly thanks to Jerry Beck's DVDs), but I only have five cartoons with their original titles intact. But as they're such good finds, I feel they are worthy of display. So, I am proud to present the title cards of four cartoons, two cartoons in each post. I would have included all four, but for some strange reason, Blogger wouldn't allow me to upload more than nine images, so I'm splitting this post into two.

The first set of title cards is from the earliest complete cartoon in my collection, Salt Water Taffy (released November 30th 1930).

Opening titles:

Closing title:

I do have another cartoon with the same style title cards, The Lorelei (released November 29th 1931). But as the only difference is the cartoon's title, I decided it's not necessary to make any screenshots from this cartoon.

Below are the opening and closing titles from Farmer Al Falfa's Ape Girl (released August 7th 1932).

Opening titles:

Closing title:
I will be posting rare title cards from Football (1935) and When Knights Were Bold (1941) in the next few days!

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