Tuesday, April 08, 2008

R&TVP Redrawns - The Dancing Bear

Another redrawn for you to enjoy (or retch)!

The Dancing Bear is a redrawn version of the Farmer Al Falfa Terrytoon of the same name, released 15th Ocrober 1937. As per usual, the technical quality of the redrawn is utter crap. Mind you, the majority of the 1930's Terrytoons were not fantastically animated in the first place.

Voila la redrawn:

The Dancing Bear - Redrawn
Uploaded by ldglover

You will notice that the opening title card (redrawn from a 1950's Astra TV print, the source material used for the above version) on my copy has been partially-obscured (not by me, but by a UK home video company), to avoid showing a trademarked cartoon character. But I've managed to locate a screenshot of the whole "offending" title:

And here's the original (albeit a bootleg TV) version for comparision:

The Dancing Bear - Original
Uploaded by ldglover

Thanks to Tom Stathes for the valuable info!

Friday, April 04, 2008

R&TVP Redrawns - Barnyard Frolics (Moonlight For Two)

Barnyard Frolics is a redrawn version of the WB Merrie Melodie Moonlight For Two, released in 11th June 1932. It is a typical early Harman-Ising cartoon, full of posing, dancing, and singing.

The print used as the basis of this redrawn is a silent version, so expect the corny music and sound effects added on by Radio & Television Packagers (which makes this version so awful it's strangely entertaining). Unfortunately, my copy has the audio a little out of synch. Enjoy (if you dare):

Moonlight For Two - Redrawn
Uploaded by ldglover

And of course, here's the original for comparison:

Moonlight For Two - Original
Uploaded by ldglover